Types of donation

We suggest various ways for you to make a donation to our Fundraising Campaign:

• One-time donation;
• Yearly donation;
• Clustered donation;
• Matching donation;
• In-kind donation;
• Immortalizing donation.

One-time donation
Some donors prefer to make a one-time donation, by remitting one single amount within the fundraising period.

Yearly donation
Some donors prefer to spread their donation over more than a year. We suggest doing so over a two-year period. However, it is also possible to do so beyond the two-year period that the fundraising campaign is expected to last.

Clustered donation
Donors may also pull their resources together to make a substantial donation under a collective name. Such a collective name may be “X Family donation”, “Y Association donation”, “Z Region donation”, or “XYZ friends donation”, which will possibly grant a degree of visibility. This may be a one-time or a yearly donation.

Matching donation
Some employers have set up a program to match their employees’ donations. Please check with your employer so to eventually take advantage of such.

In-kind donation
You dispose of materials and equipment that are in excellent condition and could help us build infrastructure and furnish the buildings. Your donation could help us reduce the costs of construction and of furnishing the premises.

Immortalizing donation
Some donors wish to leave a legacy in their own names or pay tribute to a loved one by securing an acknowledgement product to shed light on their contribution. With a donation defined as such, a building, an engineering structure, a room or any other structural component of the City of Knowledge may bear the name of a natural or a legal person approved by GRAHN.