The City of Knowledge will encompass four sectors, including a schooling complex. The current campaign aims to build the Vocational and Technical School, which will be part of that schooling complex.

Located in the northern part of Haiti, GÉNIPAILLER is lacking opportunities in terms of vocational and technical training. As a result, many young people who drop out of school or who graduate from high school, have no trade to make a living. From a larger stand point, such a situation results in a severe lack of middle-management staff to contribute to the development of the country’s regions. The Vocational and Technical School, to be built within the City of Knowledge, will develop an educational program based on the autonomy, empowerment and transformation of the learners in order to cultivate in them both a communal and an entrepreneurial spirit, all grounded in an ethical perspective. That new school will implement an active pedagogy that encourages community stakeholders to work collaboratively in order to contribute to a new economic, social and ecological equilibrium in their respective environments, particularly in GÉNIPAILLER and in neighboring communities. Throughout their learning journey, students will be expected to grow an array of competences, attitudes, qualities, and attributes of entrepreneurial drive, which will transform them into innovative and dynamic professionals. At full capacity, the Vocational and Technical School will be in a position to accommodate 300 learners in the trades of today and tomorrow, with direct linkages with the job market’s specific needs.

This vocational and technical school will be a reference educational entity that will offer internship positions to students pursuing master’s degree programs in vocational and technical training at the Institute of Science, Technology, and Advanced Studies of Haiti (ISTEAH), also a component of the City of Knowledge. That school is also intended to play the role of experimental grounds for training activities meant for vocational-school networks throughout the Greater North of Haiti.